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C&D Inc. is Awarded the "Best Information Disclosure Award of China Excellent IR"

Date: 2020-01-15 | Source:C&D Inc.

On January 10th, 2020, the Investor Relations Innovation Summit of Listed Companies and the third China Excellent IR Award ceremony were held in Shenzhen. For its outstanding performance in information disclosure, C&D Inc. was awarded the "Best Information Disclosure Award of China Excellent IR".


"China Excellent IR Annual Award" is jointly sponsored by the cross-border roadshow platform of listed companies and Excellent IR, and has become one of the most professional awards in the IR field of domestic listed companies. The best information disclosure award aims to honor the information disclosure team that has been rated as class A in the stock exchange for information disclosure work in 2019, which is fair, just and open to every investor, and can truly, accurately and timely complete the information disclosure work and play a demonstration effect among peers.


The fairness, justice and openness of information disclosure is the cornerstone of the healthy development of the capital market, an important safeguard for investors' right to know, and a prerequisite for C&D Inc. to win investors' trust. In 2019, with the strong support of C&D Inc.’s management and the cooperation of all departments and subsidiaries, C&D Inc. has completed the work of compliance, effective and valuable information disclosure, and has been awarded the annual information disclosure class A rating of Shanghai stock exchange for three consecutive years.

In the future, C&D Inc. will continue to maintain a professional and rigorous style, committed to providing timely, effective and high-quality information disclosure, and effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of the majority of investors.

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