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Xiamen C&D Inc. Stock Code: 600153


To become China’s outstanding real-estate operator

Operating unit

C&D Real Estate Corp., Ltd.

Lianfa Group Co., Ltd.

Development areas

Real-estate development is in progress in over 30 cities of China at present, forming a preliminary national strategic layout.

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C&D Real Estate Corp., Ltd.

C&D Inc. holds 54.65% of equities.

Qualification Certificate for Real Estate Development Enterprise (Class 1); China's top 50 real estate enterprises( For eight consecutive years) , and Top 10 Chinese real estate enterprises in comprehensive development

C&D Center Manor

C&D real estate adheres to the brand concept of "creating a diamond life". At present, it has formed six business segments, including real estate development, first-level land development, property management, commercial management, agent construction operation and related industry investment. As the capital operation platform of C&D real estate, its holding company C&D international (stock code: hk.01908) integrates domestic and foreign resources and is committed to becoming a "comprehensive investment service provider of real estate development and real estate industry chain".

Over the course of 39-year development, its business network has successfully covered Fujian province, east China, central China, south China and other regions, including Xiamen, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Zhuhai, Suzhou, Nanjing, Changsha, Chengdu, Wuhan and other 28 cities. In addition, it has successfully developed more than 100 premier property projects, including urban boutique residences, high-end houses, office buildings, commercial complexes, schools, hospitals, five-star hotels, and large public buildings.

建发 ? 山外山

C&D Center Manor

For many years, relying on the parent company C&D Corp. and C&D Inc., in a highly market-oriented environment, C&D real estate and C&D international adhere to the core competitiveness of products, with modern enterprise operation mechanism. C&D real estate undertook the construction of the main venue of “the 9th Plenary Session of the BRICS Summit", which was affirmed by national leaders and guests at home and abroad. Furthermore, it agent constructed indemnity housing project Xiamen Yangtang residential area, and won China construction project "Luban award" and so on.

In 2018, C&D Real Estate, in the capacity of “Craftsman of New Chinese Lifestyle”, proposed a new brand concept to “Build, Understand, Discover and Deliver Oriental Beauty”.

Lianfa Group Co., Ltd.

C&D Inc. holds 95% of equities.

Founded in October 1983, Lianfa Group Co., Ltd. (hereafter referred to as Lianfa) was born to shoulder the mission of developing Xiamen Special Economic Zone and develop intensively in 20 cities in seven major areas - the west coast of the Taiwan Strait, the Yangtze River Delta, middle reaches of Changjiang River, circum-Bohai-Sea, Chengdu and Chongqing, Beibu Gulf, and the Pearl River Delta. With registered capital of 2.1 billion CNY and total assets exceeding 60 billion CNY, the company has been honored among TOP100 real-estate enterprises of China for 13 consecutive years and ranked the 46th place in 2019. It owns primary aptitudes for real-estate development and land reserves of over 10 million square meters, and accumulative developed area has exceeded 14 million square meters.

联发 ? 君领天玺

Lianfa has been exploring a win-win road of real-estate plus industries with one-core and multi-element business strategy. In the field of core real-estate house development, Lianfa has adhered to the philosophy of building home with quality, satisfied the core residential demands of different customer families, incorporated the three major themes - intelligence, health and humanity, as well as system-caring 3Q+life, for over 300 thousand proprietors, and realized omni-bearing ideal habitation in such dimensions as product, service, community and future operation, in order to create an affinity between happiness and life.

Keeping pace with cities and customers in development, Lianfa has actively joined powers from multiple sides to expand its business territory. Relying on over one million square meters of self-possessed properties and over three decades of operation experience, it has continued boosting feature towns, apartments on long-term lease, recreation and cares for the aged, education, e-commerce, intelligent science and technology and other industrial domains while building cultural and creative industrial brands in combination with industrial foundation.

联发 · 藏珑大境

联发 ? 华美空间

Lianfa has also output professional experience in development and engineering management to the outside and delivered professional engineering management services for governments, finances, conferences and exhibitions, hotels and other large-scale public establishments and social security housing program, etc. There have been 10 and more key projects above municipal level under its agent construction. It has also completed reconstruction and assuring tasks for BRICS Xiamen Summit related projects with high quality.

Always abiding by the mission “Create a quality life and serve urban development”, Lianfa Group has materialized polymerized value sharing and become China’s outstanding real-estate operator at rapid tempo.

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